Dr. Hanns Holger Rutz, moderator

Roundtable: The Artistic Side of Artistic Research

Terms such as “tacit” and “embodied knowledge” are frequent in the discourse of artistic research. The underlying idea is that a type of knowledge resides directly in the artistic practice: that there is already “knowing” in the “doing.” But despite these claims, more frequently than not, when we talk about artistic research the focus tends to shift towards the reflective side of the equation. The necessary critical reflection about the practice tends to dwell on the “thinking” about doing or about what has been done. This is perhaps an unavoidable consequence of written and spoken language. Nonetheless, the roundtable “The Artistic Side of Artistic Research” invites us to resist this inevitability, focusing as much as possible on the artistic praxis: dwelling on the doing, on the knowing-through-doing. With this goal, this roundtable brings together Artistic Doctoral Students of the Kunstuniversität Graz and invited performers participating in the SONify! Festival of Music and Artistic Research, to openly discuss with the audience the discourse-resistant side: “The Artistic Side of Artistic Research.”

Dr. Vinicius Giusti (Brunel University London), invited artistic researcher
Alyona Pynzenyk (Ensemble Coincidence/PPCM-KUG), Veronica Klavzar, invited performers
Elina Akselrud, Helēna Sorokina, Márcio Steuernagel (KWDS-KUG), artistic doctoral candidates

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